Inside every human being there are treasures to unlock.

what to do what to do?

It’s Saturday and generally my day to do what I want. My kids are both old enough where the Saturday sporting events are history… part of me misses them, but a part of me DOESNT !!!
I have a ton to organize.. I have a 9X9 room which is my scraproom. I spend alot of time doing some sort of scrapping… or making cards. I am a cricut Fairy which is a group that takes missions and sends cards all over the world for people that need to smile or know someone is thinking about them. I look at this as my way of giving back. I also what seems like constantly reorganizing my little room. I have a ton of stuff crammed into that room. I alot of times share it with my dogs… which really can make my floor space a problem. LOL.. we call it my cave. All you have to say to one of my babies is go to mommys cave and they go running.
I do alot of designing in this room as well. Titles, scrapbook pages and cards. I would rather design than watch tv. In fact, most of my shows are taped (we have uverse) so I can watch then when I want.. usually in bed.
So what to do today??? After organizing all my projects and I have a ton of those as well, I realized that because I was working on the pre-done baby album all summer, I have absolutely no idea what where or when I last scrapbooked for myself. My never ending daughters albums.. I think she has six now, my sons which have barely been started, the family one, my parents wedding pictures (which were missing via a divorce for 35 years) my present for my hubby for xmas and there are a bunch more. What to do??? LOL.. it is organize those pictures time. Did I get them all printed. I know they are all in Memory Manager so I can go by date (thank god) and go through all my pics. I have numerous power sort boxes going (another thank god) so it shouldnt be that tough. That is what Ill handle today. Going through those pictures and reorganizing and getting to know where I stand with each project. It would be nice to finally be done with my daughters. People keep giving me pictures that of course I want to include. LOL. I will be scrapbooking for the rest of my life!!! Time to get organized thats what it is going to be.. oh and yes, Im going out to dinner with hubby and my son for my birthday which is tomorrow. The melting pot which I absolutely love.. oh yeah, have to remember the camera. Those will make such fun scrapbook pages.. see what I mean? Never ending.. LOL. Not to worry. It is something that makes me very happy. I LOVE TO SCRAPBOOK.


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