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My Mom getting her CM calendar

]I had to much fun with this. Not only creating this, but also watching my mom open it, and the rest of the family coming from all over the house to see it. I sat back and watched the effect it had on everyone…. it was so sweet.



I have no idea why but this year, Christmas really screwed up my scheduling, and it kept going long after christmas…. and this week I decided it had to STOP !!!
I sat down and redid my schedule… when to write my newsletter, update my website and blog, and of course get some scrapbooking done… oh yeah, of course I had to put some housecleaning in there too.. yuck. Monday will be my long CM day… paperwork, updating my blog (so you should check it out on Mondays), updating my website, etc. I feel better already!
I got two layouts finished today for this past Christmas… no that doesnt mean the rest of my scrapbooking is up to date, just my Christmas album. I cant even list how many outstanding projects I have going at the same time…
So on with it… here are two of the layouts I got done today…

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