Inside every human being there are treasures to unlock.

I get this question at almost every get together I do… Do you personally scrapbook or do digital scrapbooking? Well, the truth is I do both. I incorporate digital into my tradition scrapbooks all the time. I use digital scrapbooking for gifts. There is nothing like giving someone a book designed by me with favorite pictures in it.
How do I use digital to enhance my traditional scrapbooks?
I was walking through one of the craft stores, and headed down the embellishment isle. I was amazed first of all, how expensive a lot of these things are, and how many there are to choose from.
I went home and played with my Storybook 3.0 and knew the newer version had the rubber stamp availability. That means I can take any clipart or picture, and turn it into a digital stamp. How neat is that?
Here is an example.. the first picture is a digital freebie from my website under project center, digital, freebies… I saved that into my Storybook 3.0 software.
I then added it to my page… right clicked rubber stamp. I can do both regular and inverted images of this same picture…

Now I can print it out whenever I want, and use it as an embellishment, alongside with my punches and or the cricut… and color it in with my markers the colors that I want to match my page. I can do that with any image I want.. no more buying tons of embellishments.
Then it hit me… I don’t have to only make things only a rubber stamp, I can actually print out any embellishment at home, and use it as a regular embellishment.
I love this pearl flower, I use it in my digital pictures all the time. It is yet another freebie from the website. I can use it on my traditional pages as well.

Just print it out, use my cricut or punch to cut it and walla… it is now an embellishment to be used on my traditional pages.. The neat part is I can make it any size I want. Now that is my kind of embellishment.

On top of that, if I use the Creative Memories Side Loading sleeves (my favorite) , I can incorporate both my traditional and digital pages into one album.


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