Inside every human being there are treasures to unlock.

Im still at it.

]I went to Madision Wisconsin this past weekend for a consultant crop. I actually got niece #1’s album completely finished, and started on the next one. It felt very good to get that much done in an entire weekend. Love those get-away weekends. I spent most of the weekend in my slippers and sweats and worked my tail off.
My son graduated from high school next year, and he commented that I probably wont have his books done for his grad party in 2011. (my daughters books were all out for display at hers) I have a confession… while Im so busy creating all these books for others, I havent even started his baby books. I have however, completed his karate book and am half way through his scout books. I think I better make them a prioity after Im through with these albums. Here are two pages from niece #2’s album. I used pieces from the CM Pastel Power palette. It goes together so well and makes my work easy. 🙂 I also spent some much needed time in my crop room re-organizing some stuff. It looked like a tornado hit it. I feel much better that I completed all this today… hope you have a wonderful one as well.

homecoming pages

Homecoming #2


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