Inside every human being there are treasures to unlock.

My search is over….

Everyone knows I love my cricut, and love my gypsy.. the only problem I had was how to store my cartridge books so I could have them with me when I wanted them, home or on the go.. I have bought I dont know how many different kinds of containers, but each of them had its own problems… so my search continued.
Then, I saw a woman at a crop I was attending, and it caught me dead in my tracks.. you have got to be kidding.. the answer was directly in front of me and i never realized it.
Enter the new Creative Memories Power sort box. It fits the cartridge books perfectly, has sections so I dont have to scramble through them all, and even has file folders that I can write with a pencil and erase or add to if I need to…

What I love about it is it is just the perfect amount of room, so the books dont fall over, I can label the file folders (if you use a pencil it can be erased easily) as I wish… alpha or any order.
(I looked the cartridges up in the cartridge library, which has all the carts listed alphabetically)
It is extremely secure by the side rubber bandings, and I can purchase more file folders all by themself if I want.
After I filled the first one, which contains my shape books, I would say that it holds between 34-37 books depending on the thickness of them.
Easy to fill, easy to organize, and easy to travel.. Now that is my kind of solution

boxes all filled and starting to file…

If you are interested in ordering, please see my website at

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