Inside every human being there are treasures to unlock.

I have a ton of fonts that I have downloaded, which means I can use any of these on the Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus. I started thinking about word art.. I love wordart on my page as both digital and traditional. So what would stop me from making my own word art? Hmmmm this could be very interesting.

I started by choosing what kind of title or statement I wanted.. easy peasy. Fathers day. I added the word happy, and picked my font. Then I added another text box for Father’s. Played around with different fonts until I liked what i had. I did the same for Day… Love that you can mix them up too.

Next I decided what color I wanted. Since i havent grouped them yet, I can make them any color I choose.  I want to do the first and third in one color, and the middle in yet another.With SB+ it is each to change the colors too.

Ok. now I want to group them together… this way I can make this wordart any size I choose..

Here are a few more that I fooled around with.. the creativity is endless on this.. “On the :thinking of you” I made both of the first letters in their own text box as well, so you can make those larger then the rest of the statement.

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