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Well tomorrow is my second nieces graduation party.. yes, I actually got this one done.

I used  a challenge for the last set of pages and then my back page. I cant believe Im finished.

for the set of pages… all paper is from Creative Memories Primary power palette. All the flowers are from the power palette as well.

The back page is done with the Don Juan cartridge and rainbows are from once upon a princess.

I had a ball doing both of these books… busy busy nieces… so what is my next project?

It looks like my son will earn his Eagle Scout Rank by the middle of August. I have his cubscout album totally finished, but I am only partially done with his boyscout album… here we go again.

Have a great weekend everyone


Im on a roll

Yes, I got another layout done for her album… varsity cheer. I only have a couple more and Ill be finished with the album !!!

All the titles on this were created with the Carousel Cricut Light Cartridge and CM paper. I love how this one came out. Time to quit for a while and make dinner..

Learned an important lesson today

Thank god for my upline.. I gave her a call to see if she had any of the replacement strips for my rotary trimmer. You see, you can actually use it four times. You just have to turn it around, or flip it.

I obviously use my trimmer on a daily basis… between scrapbooking and cardmaking. I have flipped turned reflipped and returned all too many times. The paper started getting stuck in the ridge.. what a mess that made. I needed a new replacement strip and NOW. So thank you Kathy for coming to my rescue one more time. I couldnt use mine any more without completely tearing my paper… ugh.

So here is a picture of my old one. Notice how it has two ridges from being turned? Notice how deep that ridge is and how there is paper caught in there? Well, DONT DO THIS. LOL.. I took this little puppy to the limit. Below the used one, you will see a brand spanking new one. No ridges breaks and no paper sticking out of it?  Do not take your trimmer replacement strip as far down as I did. There is no need. Some wonderul designer did a great job of allowing us to get many uses out of it by turning and flipping it. Replace yours sooner than I did mine… I hate paper tears when I want clean lines…  Now I can keep on loving my trimmer. :0

Another 2 page spread done

I got another two page spread finished because I was in on a challenge. They certainly motivate me. I used all CM paper, mostly retired. I used the botanicals, and bloom and lacy labels lite cartridges and carousel for the word High school. It welds very nicely.

trying to get this album done

for my nieces graduation gift. The party is the 23rd of this month… at least im on her senior year. The paper is from a retired valentine pack and regular CM cardstock. I glitzed it up a bit as well. the title prom is done with the new cricut lite carousel cartridge..

and the second set

Here is my second card for today

This one is made with the Carousel Cartridge, Bloom and Cursive 101. I love the chunky lettering of the Carousel Font.. The paper is the Primary Power palette from CM.

yay.. i love when this happens

I got to use this two for one… two challenges one card. That is always wonderful. I used the new cricut lite cart “bloom” for this one. I love many of the cuts from this cartridge… All CM paper… and some pen work

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