Inside every human being there are treasures to unlock.


I have no idea why, but ever since I got back from our Showcase, my life has been completely stressed.. so soo busy.. hmmm trying to get a hold of what was normal and it isnt going very easy. Ever feel like that? ugh. My son did finish his Eagle Project, last sunday, two days before his 18th Birthday (they are not accepted after this date).  Ok that could of stressed me. My daughter had applied and went to two interviews for a job she really really wanted. In the meantime she was stressed completely out, crabby and sad in any given moment. (she did get the job) Ok that could of stressed me out. Then it was getting my son registered books bought and order senior pictures for my son, who is my youngest. Ok that could of REALLY stressed me out. I hate that my baby is going into his senior year in High School.  It makes me feel old.. this did not happen with my firstborn, daughter at all.

Want to know what is REALLY REALLY stressing me out? The fact that I got my order for my new cricut cartridges, and have had only moments to play with them. It is making me crazy. LOL I love being able to play with new paper, new product, but especially, the new cartridges..

Well this morning I put my foot down and got a bit of playing done. It was card challenge day and I decided as I layed in bed last night, I was going to play.

Here are two of the cards I made this morning.  I promise you I will get my head together in the next couple of days, and show you more. 🙂  For both of these, the fine detail cuts were made with the new Reminisce Cartridge. This cartridge, by far is going to be a favorite of mine. It has a ton of borders that you can make for either cards or scrapbook pages. It is just awesome.  I didnt put any sentiments on these cards yet, since I will be using them for my cricut fairy cards. The flowers on these are from the new reminisce power palette and they are paper flowers. Easy to use, easy to adhere.. love them too.

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