Inside every human being there are treasures to unlock.

Even though I am a consultant, I do still get overwhelmed by my many projects. It comes to a point when I once again have to start over… make a list and check it twice? Whatever it takes. I get myself into jams when I decide to do a gift album or something that takes my time away from my regular scrapbooking. I make a new project list I know that within a month or two, my son will have to have his Eagle scout court of honor. For this, I want both of his scout albums completed through getting his project done. Now I know that this is without a doubt over 250 pictures. Because it is near the date I need this, it goes to the top of the list. I also have decided to make him a hardcover 8X8 storybook of just his Eagle Scout Project. Then he is graduating in June 2011. Some would say why worry about it? Because I have his karate album done, and by then the scout albums will be completed (better be)… but here is my confession. He is now 18 years old and I havent started his baby books. My daughters has been ongoing. I got finished with her 6 albums for her graduation in 2005, but then found 600 pictures that I didnt use. Instead of putting these in a box and say extras, I am scrapbooking them and adding them to her existing albums. It has been a project for the last five  years. Then there is my family albums. I havent done anything with the exception of my Christmas albums, which are up to date since 2007. Hmmm What to do about it? I got myself a few power sort boxes and started filing away. I love these things because not only are they organized the way I crop them, but I can store a few of them in a closet, on  a cabinet or whatever.

My other projects to be organized are, hubbys family photos, to be first organized in a power sort and then put in picfolio albums. This way, he can go through them and add the journaling, because I dont know 3/4 of the people in the pictures. It makes a bit difficult to be creative when you dont know the story behind them. Then there are my dads photos. He passed away two years ago. Thank god I took the time each time we visited to get him to journal on the back of each photo. Again, alot of the people I didnt know. I finally found a relative that had my parents wedding photos. I grew up thinking they were all destroyed when my parents divorced. I have them and want them in an album as well.

Projects projects projects… what did I learn from this mess? First step, organize your photos, second step, decide which type of scrapbooking and what kind of album they will be going in. Next depending on how creative I feel, work on a project. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your projects, go back to the beginning. Make a list, organize your photos and then decide what type of project you are doing. It is far easier to see the end of the list when you do it this way.

Powersort box?

Album decisions

12x12 AlbumsPicFolio Max

Hope you have all your photos organized and ready to go.


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