Inside every human being there are treasures to unlock.

Its holiday Wish list time again.  Wouldn’t you rather get what you want for the holidays instead of a lot of things you don’t. Wouldn’t it be nice to come to the Lake Geneva get away, with a bag full of new goodies you get to play with?

Attached you will find your holiday wish list. It can be done two ways. Fill out and give to me and I’ll get a hold of the people on your list, and send them your wish list OR….

You fill out the wish list and give them my name, number and website info. Either way is fine with me.

Go spend some time on my website and decide what items you would love to receive. Remember we have two exclusive Cricut Cartridges, and of course the new Nancy Odell hummingbird collection which is absolutely gorgeous. Make sure you get this to your family or friends early enough to get delivery for the holiday. You can tell your hubbies/ significant others that I will wrap for them if they wish. A lot of hubbies love this perk.

 2010 Christmas wishlist.

Enjoy and shop to your heart’s content…


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