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Is it me or is life just going nuts right now?

I finally got to my second challenge card this week. I normally have them all done before the first day ends… been kind of nuts. I have been losing things left and right. Camera cord to attach to computer… nowhere… the rest of  my calendar pages for my planner…  have disappeared. I get so frustrated.

Anyway, this card was made using the Elegant Edges cartridge. I love it just as much as the reminisce cart that is loaded with borders.


card challenge day again

boy this has been a very busy week. I finally got a chance to do one of the challenge cards. I used my cricut imagine for the cuts along with my CM custom cutting system to cut out my  digital stamp I created in Storybook plus.

another card challenge

I only got two of the three challenge cards done today, because I was outside planting…

The first was created the george and paper lace cartridge

and here is my second, which was made from the paper lace and heritage carts.. 

challenge #8 starts off Sunday morning with the digital NSD

Mixing patterns from several digital kits are what this challenge is about. I used the Discover baby boy and the Best buds kits to do this layout this morning. Just  few more challenges and this years Digital National Scrapbook will be over. Thank you to the entire group creating this NSD. You did a fantastic job.

And finally for this evening… my challenge #7

We had to pick a layout or project from the Creative Memories Project center for inspiration. I had such fun with this one. Stay tuned tomorrow for the last day of these challenges..

So I continued starting this morning….

Early bird starting us off this morning. Not only did we start with challenge #4, but we also got a few early bird freebies, that we got to use in our challenge…what gets you up in the morning?  I really enjoyed this one.

Our next challenge #5, was a 3  panel accordian card. I have to admit this one was the most challenging to me, and I dont even know why. LOL. Anyway we had two sides to complete. I like how mine came out.

Then on to challenge #6, which so far has been my favorite. I had never tried doing this to my photos and I really love how they came out. 6 part 1- was to create a page with  a multi frame photo.  I love this photo of my mom and my daughter.. can you tell they really adore each other?

challenge #6 part 2 was a split frame photo. it is taking one photo and splitting it though a couple diferent frames, without losing any part of the original photo.

This was the original photo… I can assure you this photo is not an example of how well I take photos.. it was completely by accident.  I will be doing more this evening and tomorrow, so check back frequently.



Last night was the start of the Creative Memories Go digital National Scrapbook Day. It has been a blast. It definetely has has some “challenging” challenges. It goes on through tomorrow evening so if you are interested, look for them on facebook.

First challenge was making some flowers  from scratch. It was alot of fun, but I have done this a few times before…

The second challenge was playing with round frames and mats. It really makes you think when you go to do something you havent done in a while.

The third challenge was to play with predesigned pages.I can admit I dont think I have ever used a predesigned page that I didnt create, but it was fun to go ahead and use one. I did change the color and add the word “EAGLE” down the side… and all of this took place last night before 10.

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