Inside every human being there are treasures to unlock.

Early bird starting us off this morning. Not only did we start with challenge #4, but we also got a few early bird freebies, that we got to use in our challenge…what gets you up in the morning?  I really enjoyed this one.

Our next challenge #5, was a 3  panel accordian card. I have to admit this one was the most challenging to me, and I dont even know why. LOL. Anyway we had two sides to complete. I like how mine came out.

Then on to challenge #6, which so far has been my favorite. I had never tried doing this to my photos and I really love how they came out. 6 part 1- was to create a page with  a multi frame photo.  I love this photo of my mom and my daughter.. can you tell they really adore each other?

challenge #6 part 2 was a split frame photo. it is taking one photo and splitting it though a couple diferent frames, without losing any part of the original photo.

This was the original photo… I can assure you this photo is not an example of how well I take photos.. it was completely by accident.  I will be doing more this evening and tomorrow, so check back frequently.



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