Inside every human being there are treasures to unlock.

First of all… due to our regional showcase last month, this is a huge month for Creative Memories.. lots of new product came out starting today. Fabulous!!!


what is my favorite of the new products…. the custom covers 


I want to also tell you that our Memory Keepers club is done.. we will no longer have that program. In its place, we will have the new Rewards club. Take the time to read about how wonderful this club is.  And for joining in the month of  September, they are doubling the credit for enrollment to $20.00 that you can use on your first order or any other order. On top of that, you earn 15% club credit on each and every order you place. It really is a great deal. You will sign up for the club at the  top of  the page on my website. It is marked “join the club”.


Please also take the time to sign up for an account at my website  Now my website will keep track of all your orders, tell you when it should be shipped, plus alot more.

Now for my give away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September is a big month… the month after our regional showcase, always brings a ton of new products. Because this is also my birthday month, and Im not the kind that wants a party, but I love giving them, Im going to share my birthday with you. I will be giving away one of the  Nancy Odell mini totes and just because notes. It was one of our bundles last month. At the end of the month I will put all the names of everyone that ordered from my website in Sept. and pick one lucky winner.  Lets see now, you could join the  club get $20.00 in immediate credit to use on  your first order, and have a chance to win this collection. Pretty nice isnt it?

I will be showing some of the new products the entire month, so come back often. If you are cricut owners, check out our cartridges. Starting October 1st, we will be selling the Cricut Expression 2. Take a look.


It comes with 2 full cartridges: Cricut Alphabet and Cricut Essentials. These cartridges are preloaded and come with printed handbooks, PLUS An exclusive cartridge included free! Only the Cricut Expression® 2 machines sold through Creative Memories Consultants will include a Creative Memories exclusive Best of Times Sampler Cartridge

so take some time on my website to see all the new products, check out the new rewards plan, or just sign up for an  account.

Have a wonderful day.


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