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Well I’m home. The 8 hour trip was pretty uneventful. Hubby ordered pizza and sent me upstairs. My ankles  swell horribly when I’m sitting in the car that long. I have so many things to share with you after this convention. New products are always a huge part of the CM conventions. We had a great time.i will post some pics tomorrow of new products coming out soon, and even a sneak peek of some chrisMas new products. Shshsh it just might be a cricut cart! So I’m going to get some sleep and il post again tomorrow.


Good early morning! New products? Oh yeah! How about an upgrade to Memory Manager? So much easier to edit your photos….one click and the “too dark”ones arefixed! Lots of new features. Make a wish products- new album, paper, punch, etc. Gorgeous! Halloween paper that is adorable, Nancy Odell products that are  beautiful! Got to see it in person and close up. Wow! I’m sure today there will be more. Can’t wait


Well well well. Its new product day! All of the consultants are in high geat this morning! I will take and post the Picoutlook our  general session,  which shows thousands of women screaming for new products. The first year I attended they scared me. The energy in the room is out of control!  Im already tired and it’s just 7am!

We all have our want list, and are hoping this being the 25th anniversary, alot of wishes get granted!

Will post a bit later

Good morning!

Well we made it in one piece to minnesota! The drive this time was pretty in eventful. It took us just under 8 hours. We registered, ate dinner, went to a small meeting and went to bed. We did get a hint of some of the new  stuff, but I won’t share until we get some pictures. The town as usual is busy with many conventions. We get to go to marketplace this morning, which is the consultants heaven. All the logo stuff you see us wearing. When the doors open it becomes nuts  because many of the things are limited quantity! This town is beautiful. No where near the craziness of Chicago.It is actually quite peaceful during rush hour! I will post more later if I can for now back upstairs for a whiLe.

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