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yay! shower is done!

It all went off without a hitch and is behind me.  It was even alot of fun for me. I realized I did all that I could the night before the shower. Here is a picture of the memory table that I made, including the advice for the bride book.




















and a picture of the happy couple enjoying their bridal shower.


more shower stuff

I finished the shower favors.  The first one is one of those metal buckets all fancied up and stuffed with goodies.


My sister bought cake pops for everyone as well. I got the celephane bags and ordered ribbon with the Bride, Groom and the wedding date on it.

advice album

I got the call that my “advice” album was ready, so I jumped in my car and headed to Elk Grove Village… as usual, Ken came through for me and did a fabulous job.


Pictures are no…

Pictures are now in frames, so i can take this off the list finally. Then I am finished with the shower stuff for a couple days. Im going to a retreat this weekend so I can actually get some of my pictures done. A weekend of cropping..cant wait.



wanna know what else i forgot?

The CENTERPIECES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know  what Im doing already so Im not that worried. Shouldnt take me  very long either. Ill do that  another time. I have to get set up for my weekend. Make and Takes, gifts, catalogues, new products,  and do the Memory Manager presentation. LOL Ill start getting that ready after I go outside for a bit. Didnt have any caffeine this morning, so I was very sleepy an hour ago. Got one of my mocha frappes and  now my heart is skipping beats.  Just cant win! Beautiful day out so Im gonna sit out there for a bit and think. Have a wonderful day!

shower favor

I have one finalized. Just 45+ more to go. LOL The sticker was made on my imagine which this morning decided it wasnt going to turn on anymore. Ill give it a rest. The pad of paper is just a covered post it note pad, t hat I designed with the beach theme. Add some sunglasses, a pen and then some candy and we are all set. I hope I saved my template when I made that cover for  the post its. Decorations are winding down. I have to get another card or my camera, because i know I will be taking plenty of pictures. 12 days and counting. Now for the rest of the day I work on things for the weekend.As a consultant- make and takes, new products, catalogues etc, and teaching MMplus.. as a scrapbooker..well that one is going to be tough. I have so many things to choose from. it is time I put my own on a priority as well. Christmas 99…nah its not that bad. LOLOLOL


Im not sure if I want to laugh or cry right now. Do you know what I forgot to make? the shower favors. I walked out of my crop room and a box in the hallway got in my way. I opened it and I found a gazillion pink buckets!!!!!!!!!!!! I think my scream could be heard six miles away. LOL Mike came running out of his room and said “what”? When I told him what I was screaming about he just rolled his eyes and walked in his room.. Sometimes he so… so very …. he is just a male. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR  Someone asked me if I was starting to get emotional about the wedding. Um I wouldnt call it emotional cuz I dont do that. LOL Deep thinking at times though. Like “how the heck do i have a kid old enough to get married” . I made a rule the day she was born that I would not allow her to marry before her 25th birthday. I made that mistake and wouldnt let her. People used to tell me I was mean, and Kelli felt so at times to but guess what? She said mom that was the best singlemost advice anyone has given me. I dont ever want her to feel the kind of pain I have been through. I know she is ready, that is for sure. Mom just has to think back sometimes and  realize she has grown into quite a woman. I feared we would not be close at one point.. when she was a teenager. Now, Kel and I have become extremely close. I couldnt ask for much more.  😉


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