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Shower is coming!

Happy September! What a summer I had. Between the new grandson, hot weather which meant more pool time, getting things ready for the bridal shower and wedding for my daughter, I didn’t have  much time to do things for myself.

With shower decorations finally getting finished I decided to start posting them here for you to enjoy. I know my daughter isn’t thinking about snooping around on my blog. LOL She is way over her head in the wedding right now. She not only is my firstborn, but my only daughter. The pressure is and will be there for me to produce miracles. I am one who visits multiple resale shops for things I can use to recreate for the shower decorations. Picture frames, glass candy dishes, vases and a lot of other things have been purchased to do the memory table. She knows about some of the general decorations, but this memory table will be a complete surprise. I started with a picture of her and her fiancé back in High school. While they were busy flirting but not dating each other, someone got a picture of them at a homecoming dance.  That started the entire memory table for me. I used my Creative Memories storybook creator to do the first picture, then and now. I think it turned out very cute.


Now on to some of the decorations. My most valued find was this pink tool box. I immediately thought tools=kitchen. I used my bordermaker to make the ribbon edge on the top, but other than that it was straight cuts. I used the cricut (of course) to do her name. I believe it was the elegant cakes cart. I welded it and cut it out.. so difficult. So here is the finished product. I got Styrofoam for the base and will stick the load of spatulas, spoons, and a lot of other must haves for the kitchen. Get some cellophane and wrap it with a big bow.


So far, I have made two banners. This one, from miss to mrs used a couple carts. CM’s devine wedding of course, fancy frames, and the font that comes with the cricut 2 machine. Craftroom basics was used for the other one. Bling  them up, then walla… two banners ready to be strung on the pink ribbon.



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