Inside every human being there are treasures to unlock.

today was yet another productive day. I got some glass etched and a picture frame finished. I realized today that my major problem is always liking something better. I started deleted and reamade the wedding invites 7 times..yes 7! My daughter was fine with the  first one, but I kept telling her I wanted to do something different. What it is that Im searching for is perfection.. but the entire point of making it all is the personal touch my daughter tells me.. this is where her and I differ competely. She would be fine with picking some crap off a store shelf. I on the other hand, shop and take notes, as to how to recreate something I have seen. T-shirts, home decor… and of course my daughters wedding.  Not only my only daughter, but my first-born.  I want her day to be perfect.. so I am trying to do things no more than twice. LOL shshsh dont tell her I have started and restarted her headpiece because I found tiny butterfly crystals, which happens to be a symbol of mine throughout my life.. that and sunsets. LOL

so here we are …picture frame-$2 at good will (still has the paper insert) it is not my daughter. LOL I have to god forbid edit a pic of them I like to fit i the frame before I have it printed. vinyl was used for the lettering and  the flowers are partially cut from the flower shop cart and part pre-made



and here are a few of the glass etching I have finished… yes I said that because of course, I have more to do.



Candy dish.. i put a blue strip of paper to try to get  it to show better. Hard to photograph etching sometimes. 3 layers




I know they are hard to see. used vinyl on the cricut to make the stencils. Ill be adding more tomorow. I know my daughter is busy enough not to look here right now.. LOL I think this is keeping me sane. Im starting to get very emotional about my baby girl getting married. This is HIGHLY unusual because I try to remain non emotional. Im starting to beleive I will be a mess as she walks down the isle. I dont even know how to handle myself doing that!!! I just want her to be happy. I want her to avoid all the mistakes I have made and be happy. I know he will take good care of her or I would of chased him away a long time ago. LOL. Im sure I will be fine (hoping anyway) when it comes… I have to start chasing the females away from my baby boy (20yrs) now… LOL   There will NEVER be a female good enough for him. Why didnt anyone ever tell me how bad it is when your kids grown. Every changing… 1st grandchild, one getting married and one in college (see he shouldnt have time for a girlfriend). LOL

Til tomorrow all.



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