Inside every human being there are treasures to unlock.

Im not sure if I want to laugh or cry right now. Do you know what I forgot to make? the shower favors. I walked out of my crop room and a box in the hallway got in my way. I opened it and I found a gazillion pink buckets!!!!!!!!!!!! I think my scream could be heard six miles away. LOL Mike came running out of his room and said “what”? When I told him what I was screaming about he just rolled his eyes and walked in his room.. Sometimes he so… so very …. he is just a male. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR  Someone asked me if I was starting to get emotional about the wedding. Um I wouldnt call it emotional cuz I dont do that. LOL Deep thinking at times though. Like “how the heck do i have a kid old enough to get married” . I made a rule the day she was born that I would not allow her to marry before her 25th birthday. I made that mistake and wouldnt let her. People used to tell me I was mean, and Kelli felt so at times to but guess what? She said mom that was the best singlemost advice anyone has given me. I dont ever want her to feel the kind of pain I have been through. I know she is ready, that is for sure. Mom just has to think back sometimes and  realize she has grown into quite a woman. I feared we would not be close at one point.. when she was a teenager. Now, Kel and I have become extremely close. I couldnt ask for much more.  😉



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