Inside every human being there are treasures to unlock.

what a day

Nothing like taking a day to realize how far behind you are..
My Annual Lake Geneva weekend is right around the corner. If you are interested, please email and Ill send you a registration sheet. We truly have a ton of fun at this one. Lake Geneva is gorgeous this time of the year and we are right on the lake. I get many of my sunset pics from just this weekend. What can I say we take over the place. Nothing like 40-60 women taking over a hotel and having a blast. I dont even know what I will be working on, which has to be decided on soon i would think. All I know is it a wonderful weekend away from the typical weekend. NO MEN! OK I said it. LOL…..
I will be doing make and takes with the Creative Memories Border maker which has been a customer favorite since it was released. Ill show you what all the buzz is about with this tool. I wasnt going to get it actually, but when I saw it, i HAD to have one. Ill show you guys!!!
Well til I have something else to share… enjoy your evening!
why does reorganizing hit the point where things look worse than they did in the first place? LOL

I do have a question for you all.. what do you consider a paper whore? I have been called that and never really beleived it til today. I remember my grandmother constantly telling me she grew up in the depression when they washed and re-used foil, bags etc. In fact, I bought her huge quantities one year for christmas so she would stop doing that.
After looking at this picture I realized she must have gotten through to me… this are NOT full sheets ladies.. these are my scraps that I will not only save, but save as small medium or large scraps.. OH GOD SHE DID IT TO ME! She would be so proud! YIKES I scared ME!
did that make me throw these pieces away? Are you nuts. They will work for cards, and tiny embellishments on scrapbook pages.. what can i say. im a paper WHORE!


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