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new cricut cartridge

Close to my Heart will be selling a new cricut cartridge sometime in Sept. We do not have a date so far. As soon as I do, I will let you all know. I cant wait!!!!! Havent gotten a new cartridge in a long time!




challenge cards done this week.

I love when I get these done on time. I do the card challenges from A lot of the cuts came from Close to my Heart cricut cartridges and stamps as well. I really love the new markers. Coloring stamps has become so easy now.

IMG_2579[1] IMG_2580[1] IMG_2581[1] IMG_2582[1] Untitled

new ctmh pens

I got my pens delivered today. They are supposed to blend very easy and make it a breeze. I kept saying we will see. Well, im happy to report they are wonderful. They make everything look wonderful even if youre not that good at coloring. (like me) I am also pretty critical when it comes to colored things… that’s how I know Im not that good. LOL
Well, I must report they are wonderful. smooth and very easy to control, the colors are beautiful and blend very easily. Take a look!!!!! =)

The end of Creative Memories

I was a CM consultant for ten years when the you know what hit the fan. I decided a while ago to switch and Im glad I did. I love Close to my Heart products and will be sticking with them.
Today, Creative Memories/Ahni and Zoe announced they will be closing their doors for good.
Even though I am no longer a CM consultant, it hurts me to hear that CM-Ahni and Zoe will close its doors. I will miss so much and so many from this company as it once was. Keep the remaining employees and consultants in your prayers please. It is just a sad day for all.

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