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Artfully Sent cart info

I wanted to show you how you can change up the cards in the CTMH artfully sent cartridge. Im going to use this cartridge a lot to make my own cards as well as the ones on the cart itself.

For instance, in this card I went into DS and shut off (eyeball) the saying cut directly in this as well as the pop up portions. Behind those are the pop up pieces that make it pop.   example1

this is what is left. See how you can make any decorations that fit the card? example2

Those three strips hold up the pop up. So I went into the CTMH artiste cart to find something for my friends bday. Out of this world just doesn’t fit. createacard3

I assembled them and added them to my card. The only thing left is to decorate the outside of the card. See how this has endless possibilities. There are several on this cart that allow you to manipulate it this way. Now on to the bling and im finished.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Artfully Sent cartridge, please visit my website here



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