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Hello Hello everyone!!!

I can finally share what is coming for CTMH. First and probably the most famous is our new cricut cartridge. It is called Artisty and is gorgeous. There are a ton of different cuts on this one which allows everyone to find something they would use it for… I have had it in my hands a week or so, so let me share what it looks like.
Let me also explain why our cartridges are more expensive. Our collection comes with three stamps sets and a pack of paper. The stamps sets are coordinated with shapes on the cartridge, even printing what size to cut an image at, so that you can cut an image that exactly is sized to stamp on. Not only that, our entire book has stamps that coordinate with this cricut cartridge. If you look at our catalogue, you will find shapes that are outlined in red. If you look at the bottom of that page, it will tell you which of our stamp sets is the one that coordinates with a certain cartridge. Take a look at our new cartridge and its many different cuts you will have if you buy it. It also comes digitally now for 79.00. When you choose which one will be best for you, you can order it on my website. Both the physical and digital cartridge come with the stamps and paper pack. I wil be posting things all day to show you what my take is on it.
artistry sheet



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