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march 18 special


Shape Your Photos with Thin Cuts! — Make It from Your Heart

Who ever said that Thin Cuts are just for paper? Shape your photos and make them part of your designs by cutting them from pretty much any Thin Cuts that work for you! Our Thin Cuts are just the right size to run through most die-cutting machines, so why not give them a try!? You […]

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I am thrilled that we are in March.  I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of winter already. Lets make it go away.

March brings us a special and a nice stamp of the month. Have you noticed some of our stamps have gotten larger? That is especially for scrapbookers. You can use them to decorate your pages OR use as a background stamp on your cardstock. I love the union of stamps for our pages.


This months special is Thin Cuts dies are on sale all month! Save 25% on a wide selection of Thin Cuts dies and 30% on select Thin Cuts bundles! Thin Cuts are an easy way to add shapes, titles, and sentiments to any project — no scissors required!

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thin cuts on sale

march 18 special


This months is concentrating on Birthdays. I love how you can use this to personalize your birthday layouts. How fun is that?

march SOTM

march 18 stamp of the month

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