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did you ever have one of those layouts

that seemed to be a good idea when you thought of it, but about half way through the layout you realized how much work you got yourself into? Im sure you have. This is one of those layouts. Made with george,Nates abc’s for the month, and of course nursery rhymes. Now nursery rhymes is supposed to  be one of those carts that have silhouettes. I wanted to make it better.. and so I did..Many hours later I completed this layout, which is exactly what Im trying NOT to do. I used George to make the square, and then welded the backgrounds of each nursery rhyme to it. Anyway, here it is.


And finally for this evening… my challenge #7

We had to pick a layout or project from the Creative Memories Project center for inspiration. I had such fun with this one. Stay tuned tomorrow for the last day of these challenges..


Last night was the start of the Creative Memories Go digital National Scrapbook Day. It has been a blast. It definetely has has some “challenging” challenges. It goes on through tomorrow evening so if you are interested, look for them on facebook.

First challenge was making some flowers  from scratch. It was alot of fun, but I have done this a few times before…

The second challenge was playing with round frames and mats. It really makes you think when you go to do something you havent done in a while.

The third challenge was to play with predesigned pages.I can admit I dont think I have ever used a predesigned page that I didnt create, but it was fun to go ahead and use one. I did change the color and add the word “EAGLE” down the side… and all of this took place last night before 10.

Digital day!!!

I play with digital on Mondays, so I decided to share that playing around with you. I love challenging myself with new techniques or just to make something to have printed. I love what you can do with your photos with digital. Somedays it works out very well, and others.. well not so much.

Here is one that worked.. Make a digital photo look like an oil painting. On a background or nature photo it works very wel

then others I dont like so much…  I dont like what it does to the facial features.. maybe with more practice I would like it more.

All digital content is made with the Creative Memories Storybook Creator +. It does soooo much for soooo little.


Album of Hope

Each year, I hear many frustrated parents, friends and relatives, who have a graduate in their lives. You want to give something personal and the struggle begins.

This year, I am offering an Album of Hope. Yes, I personally will be making these books for you. All you have to do is pick which book, and which pictures you would want to use. It is a fantastic personal gift that the graduate will cherish for many years to come.

Digital Challenge

My girlfriends daughter went to her first turnabout dance. I used the pics for an opportunity to do a challenge from

I love these challenges for you learn a lot just from doing them.

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