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Card Challenge day again

I got all three of my cards finished in one day!! I have to finish my calendar because the CM sale is finished don 10/31, so I had to get everything else out of the way.

sketch 1- I used Damask decor, Creatie Memories Reminisce (fav of mine) and Bloom

sketch 2- I used Picturesque, MS elegant cake and George

sketch 3- I used the Sophie cart


Loving this one

Here is the artwork for the new Creative Memories Tis the season cartridge…

Tis%20The%20Season     click here


Well here you go… the November December Mini catalogue is up and running now. Starting November 1st, the Specials are up and running. Have fun going through this one… there are many new and wonderful products.


If anyone is making a calendar, remember the sale ends October 31st. Get them finished quickly.


Card day

I had to hurry and get these done. I have to grocery shop tomorrow and pack for a scrapbooking weekend. I so need to get away, and finish up the baby book

Sketch 1- I used Lacy Labels and Flower Shoppe

Sketch 2- I used Lacy Labels, Flower Shoppe,and Accent Essentials

Some exciting news

My daughter got engaged yesterday. We are all very excited about a  future wedding, probably around a year from now. She has many things to plan, and someone gave me one of these the first time I got married (I had 350 people at my reception) to keep everything organized. She is working tonight until 1ish and will come home to this on her pillow. Im sure it will make her smile.

1st birthday baby layout

Ok for the shower this is the page that will be last. After the shower I will be adding many more.. I used elmos party and birthday bash for this one.

did you ever have one of those layouts

that seemed to be a good idea when you thought of it, but about half way through the layout you realized how much work you got yourself into? Im sure you have. This is one of those layouts. Made with george,Nates abc’s for the month, and of course nursery rhymes. Now nursery rhymes is supposed to  be one of those carts that have silhouettes. I wanted to make it better.. and so I did..Many hours later I completed this layout, which is exactly what Im trying NOT to do. I used George to make the square, and then welded the backgrounds of each nursery rhyme to it. Anyway, here it is.

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