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this one is BE YOUNG

scroll down to see a better view of the new cartridge. I just love this new cartridge because of all the fun cuts


well I lied!! but not really

I wanted to design character photo mats for a while now, but never thought of it while I was designing. Well I finally got to it. I wanted to see how they would turn out if the character was molded to the photo mat… well here they are. To me they dont look any different than if I would have just attached oe of them to a photo mat.. but I tried it… LOL

and one more tonight!

 I think this will be the last set of Christmas Embellishments. I have quite a few for the crops in March. 


Im power cutting LOL… here are two more for my pages… I didnt even have time to brush off all the glitter before I shared. LOL. have to wait a bit

Back to work! Back to work!!

working on the imagine page embellishments again…Ill be taking my E2 to the crops I have in March… so Im doing my Imagine ones now.

Another page full of embellishments

I decided I wanted peeking elves… so I created the elves from Jolly Holidays. I did basic cuts which was the body and then the face. I wanted some on the title and then a few for on top of photo mats. A little sparkle here and there, and Im all set for the embellishments for another page


Starting March 1st, Creative Memories will be selling a new cricut cartridge.. Devine Wedding… so beautiful and can be used for many things.. heres a peek. I absolutely love the font that is included.. this can be ordered on my website starting 3/1/2012.

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