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No I didnt abandon you guys again. Im leaving for our annual CM Convention in Minneapolis. I will be updating this site when I get pics of all the new stuff and the crazy consultants that attend. I come home without a voice for days.. My family loves it!!  Im so looking forward to a trip of laughing, sharing, and a ton of fun. So keep checking here after Thursday for updates… I cant wait to see what they have brewing up for all of us.

It is so hard for me to beleive that all this came from finding a box of my grandmothers photos and not knowing anyone in any of the pictures. It was then that I realized how important it will be for my kids to KNOW everyone in my pictures. I have many projects that is for sure, but I have always enjoyed giving someone one of them.  That was 7 years ago. 














Oh I wanted to share something else with you. When I get back my daughters shower and wedding will go into high gear.Expect alot of posts. this is what I was working on this week. This flower is 6 inches large.. Decorations.I have alot more to share with you but Ill do that after I get back home.


Some important end of the month reminders

Hi Ladies:

Just a few reminders

  1. Sign up for Croptoberfest Saturday November 5th.
  2. Sign up for the Rewards club. Getting the 20.00 immediate credit ends on the 30th. To join, go to my website and at the top, click on join the club.
  3. Custom coverset are on sale until Tuesday Sept 27th only.





A few people were wondering if I had the dates for Lake Geneva, and yes, I do. Invites will be going out soon as well.

Mark your calendars for January 8-10th, 2010.

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