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snowing snowmen?

IMG_3386[1]I always have a small gift for everyone at my crops… this time.. snowmen. I love this snowman. He is from the creative memories Cheerful Seasons Cartridge.
So adorable. I hope everyone likes him.


Last weekend Lake Geneva WI






Got alot done and had a fantastic time!!!!

This coming weekend- weekend Crop in Warrenville

yes, Im still organizing

wow. im excited. The Creative Memories bordermaker is a wonderful toy, but we struggle to find a home for it for transporting… until now that is. Looky what someone sent me.


and you get it from joannes. It looks like it will hold a bunch of the punches which makes it a great idea. Now dont go running to joannes before I do and they will be out. LOL

Happy organizing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what a day

Nothing like taking a day to realize how far behind you are..
My Annual Lake Geneva weekend is right around the corner. If you are interested, please email and Ill send you a registration sheet. We truly have a ton of fun at this one. Lake Geneva is gorgeous this time of the year and we are right on the lake. I get many of my sunset pics from just this weekend. What can I say we take over the place. Nothing like 40-60 women taking over a hotel and having a blast. I dont even know what I will be working on, which has to be decided on soon i would think. All I know is it a wonderful weekend away from the typical weekend. NO MEN! OK I said it. LOL…..
I will be doing make and takes with the Creative Memories Border maker which has been a customer favorite since it was released. Ill show you what all the buzz is about with this tool. I wasnt going to get it actually, but when I saw it, i HAD to have one. Ill show you guys!!!
Well til I have something else to share… enjoy your evening!
why does reorganizing hit the point where things look worse than they did in the first place? LOL

I do have a question for you all.. what do you consider a paper whore? I have been called that and never really beleived it til today. I remember my grandmother constantly telling me she grew up in the depression when they washed and re-used foil, bags etc. In fact, I bought her huge quantities one year for christmas so she would stop doing that.
After looking at this picture I realized she must have gotten through to me… this are NOT full sheets ladies.. these are my scraps that I will not only save, but save as small medium or large scraps.. OH GOD SHE DID IT TO ME! She would be so proud! YIKES I scared ME!
did that make me throw these pieces away? Are you nuts. They will work for cards, and tiny embellishments on scrapbook pages.. what can i say. im a paper WHORE!


OMG where have I been?

OMG  where have I been?

I kind of disappeared for a while now didnt I? what have I been up to? Well my only daughter got married in Florida in November and Mom had much to do to prepare for this… the invites for the shower, the shower decorations, thank you’s. Then of course the wedding invites, decorations and thank you’s for not one but two receptions. The real one and the one for the friends and relatives that couldnt make the destination wedding, and of course thank you cards followed closely by Christmas. Now Im dealing with a crop room that looks like a tornado hit it and I have to re-organize bunches. I got some of those cubicle shelving units for Christmas so I have plenty to do. Ill post some of the wedding pictures in a bit. I also have a crop in Lake Geneva Wis. the weekend of 18-20 and then yet another in Warrenville the weekend of 25-27. I have so many wedding photos to work on that Im going to make myself nuts. Before I have them printed I have to edit each and every one of them in one way or another with Memory Manager. Ive been told (asked) if I would do the traditional album for my daughter. There are over 1000 pics and we dont have the ones from the photographer yet. I think Ill be doing mine via digital. I have previously decided to do the grandkids books digitally to save room. We have three kids so we could end up with a boat load of grandkids, and I feel digital will serve me better for that. This year is going to be my year of organization. I so need to get things done. here some pics from the wedding.

223158_10151031395007024_738225663_nmemory tableIMG_2385[1]IMG_2383[1]vase2bannerflower2ben and kel orderIMG_2283[1]

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