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So busy I cant see straight!

Why do things seem to happen all at once? Three weeks ago, my Grand daughter was born. She is adorable. My daughter had to have a C-section so I have been helping her with the new baby. I am in love with this little one.

On top of that, moving my crop room to a larger room and of course taking care of my business. Im excited about all the fun things I will be able to create now, and will be sharing with you. CTMH has so many products I love and cant wait to use. The cricut cartridges are the top of my list. Everyone I knows I love my cricut. In fact, I am expecting the delivery on my newest machine, the Explore. I will be sharing with you everything I can about the machine. I think Im going to be up late playing with this one. I cant wait.
I am also creating classes I can teach, and now I can include card classes. I am so excited about this. I have been doing cards for years and only shared them here and on the cricut message board. I feel like my wings are now allowed to fly.
So come along with me for my new ride. We are sure to have some fun!


some big news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Ladies

Haven’t written in a long time. I wanted to share some news with you. Since the bankruptcy was announced last year, I have not been very happy with Creative Memories. Then came the closing and the re-opening as Ahni and Zoe. I had to re-evaluate if I wanted to continue. My biggest problem is that I don’t feel I can service my customers like I want to with Ahni and Zoe. So after ten years of being a consultant for them, I resigned last week. I just couldn’t get into their new line of products at all.
I have however, signed on to Close to my Heart. I happen to have always loved their products, and I feel I can better serve my customers with their line of products. They have a wide range of scrapbooking and card making supplies. I was also informed that they are now producing our slide in scrapbook pages that fit in Creative Memories old albums. This will be huge with a lot of people. They don’t even sell that kind of album, but were smart enough to produce the pages everyone likes.
I hope that you will take a look at their products. Their prices seem even more reasonable as well. My website address is
So what about our weekend retreats? Kathy and I are working on details, but we are working toward not only continuing our events, but having them more often. Our Lake Geneva will remain the same as well.
While this was partly heart breaking, I am looking forward to the fresh new product line, and continuing to service your scrapbooking and cardmaking needs.
Tami Kozel
Close to my Heart Consultant
Scrapbooking/Stamping/Card Making, and papercrafting

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